Collect Customer Video Testimonials Pro

Collect Customer Video Testimonials

Collect valuable social proof by getting users to create video reviews of your product.

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Video testimonials from your customers is one of the most valuable assets you can get hold of as a business.

They are the most engaging, trustworthy, authentic and relatable way you can promote your product, and they are also a brilliant way to leverage your most loyal customers to reach a brand new audience of potential customers.

You know how valuable video testimonials are, but how do you get your customers to create them?

With this easy-to-use template from Gleam you can run powerful giveaways where customers can post a testimonial to YouTube and submit the video link for a chance to win an awesome prize from your store.

You can then easily review entries, randomly generate winners and start putting those awesome testimonials to work.

Share them on social media, embed them on your website and make sure you encourage entrants to share them around so you can connect with fresh, relevant new leads.

Plus, when you run your contest with Gleam you can showcase all the awesome submissions you've collected in a stylish and fully customizable gallery. Check out the demo ๐Ÿ‘‡


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Collect Customer Video Testimonials Pro

Collect Customer Video Testimonials

Collect valuable social proof by getting users to create video reviews of your product.

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