13 November 2020

Twitch Channel Points

Twitch Channel Points

Today we're excited to launch a new integration with Twitch Channel Points.

You can now setup Rewards in your Twitch channel and link them to Gleam so your loyal fans can redeem them in your Competitions or Rewards campaigns.

This feature adds an entirely new dimension for Streamers who are looking to keep their fans engaged and drive new viewers to their channel.

10 November 2020

Shopify Email Integration

Shopify Email Integration

You can now automatically add users from Gleam campaigns to your Shopify customer list when they sign up with their email address through:

  • Competition Subscribe actions
  • Rewards Subscribe actions
  • Capture forms

This makes it easier than ever to grow your Shopify customer list and generate highly actionable leads.

20 October 2020

Spotify Podcast Support

Spotify Podcast Support

You can now award Competition and Rewards entries to users who follow a designated podcast on Spotify using our Follow on Spotify action.

21 August 2020

Free Entry Alternatives

Free Entry Alternatives

You can now automatically offer free entry alternatives for actions that may require payment in Competition campaigns. Free entry alternatives will only show for entrants in countries where No Purchase Necessary laws may apply, making it even easier to run highly targeted, regulation-compliant campaigns.

For more information on setting up free entry alternatives, please refer to our documentation.

25 July 2020

Subscribe on Messenger Action

Subscribe on Messenger Action

The Subscribe on Messenger Action is now available on Pro plans and above for Competitions & Rewards.

This action allows you to send users relevant updates and personalised messaging on Messenger. This channel is fantastic for one-on-one messaging with your customers, allowing you to send customers their purchase receipts, product or shipment notifications, abandoned cart notifications and answer customer-related queries.

17 July 2020

New Import Source for Galleries / Minimum Age Field Improvements for Competitions & Rewards

New Import Source for Galleries / Minimum Age Field Improvements for Competitions & Rewards

You can now import Stories into Galleries using the new Instagram Stories import source. Galleries will automatically stay in sync with stories you post on Instagram, and once you import them into Galleries they won't disappear after 24 hours.

Gleam Galleries featuring Instagram Story imports for a makeup brand Gleam Galleries featuring Instagram Story imports for a lifestyle brand

This feature is fantastic for repurposing content you post on Instagram Stories. You can easily import specific stories and build customised Galleries for showcasing your promotions, tutorials, reviews, customer testimonials and even micro-blog posts.

Minimum Age Field Improvements for Competitions & Rewards

We've made some improvements to the Minimum Age field for you and your entrants. Previously, you had to select a minimum age & date format from one of our dropdown options. Now you can just enter the minimum age your campaign requires.

As for your entrants, we now automatically configure the Date of Birth field based on their region. You can now allow entrants to enter their date of birth in US or UK format with clearly defined day, month and year fields or have your entrants declare their age with a simple checkbox.

Update: Improvements to the User Details field in Gleam widget

26 June 2020

Multiple Prizes in Gleam Competitions

Multiple Prizes in Gleam Competitions

You can now setup multiple prizes in your Competition, giving you finer control over the winner drawing process if you have more than 1 prize in your campaign. You can choose to draw all winners at a go, or draw based on each prize tier.

You can learn more about setting up multiple prizes and drawing winners for multiple prizes in the respective documentation.

Multiple prizes setup is available on all Competitions plans.

22 June 2020

QR Code for Gleam Campaigns

QR Code for Gleam Campaigns

You can now allow users to immediately access your Competitions, Captures, and Rewards campaigns on their mobile devices by scanning a QR Code and being directed to your campaign's landing page.

This is a fantastic way to get users to enter your campaigns from physical locations such as retail stores, cafes, restaurants and events. You can even use QR Codes to promote your campaign through flyers, posters and other physical marketing materials.

QR codes are available on all plans.

16 June 2020

Secret Code Action for Hobby & Pro Plans

Secret Code Action for Hobby & Pro Plans

The Secret Code Action is now available on Hobby & Pro plans! If you are an existing Hobby or Pro user, this action is already included and you can start using it right away.

On the Hobby plan, you get access to 10 secret codes.

On the Pro plan, you get access to 100 secret codes. As usual, the limit is doubled if you are on our Yearly plans.

Visit our Secret Code Demo to test the action as an entrant.

9 June 2020

Improved Filters For Import Actions

Today, we've rolled out improvements to filtering on Import Actions.

Every Import Action now has consistent filtering for both #hashtags and words, this change is designed to help save time and reduce manual combing through imports alongside the ability to be more flexible in the types of campaigns you can run using Imports:

Update: Improved filters for Import Actions in Gleam

12 May 2020

Campaign Creation Speed Improvements

We've been working on speeding up the ability to build campaigns since the rollout of our Autosave feature. This release focuses on two main metrics:

  • Time to start campaign
  • Time to save campaign

Real-time Validation of Fields

Previously we would let users complete the campaign form then validate all the fields on save. Generally this approach was fine but could cause significant delays on larger campaigns that were doing lots of external validations (is this action setup correctly, does this social account exist? etc).

Update: Inline validation for Gleam Competitions setup

Forms now validate in real-time showing errors as you progress, we've managed to improve the completion success of campaigns by more than 10% and reduce the save time by as much as 30 seconds in some more extreme cases.

Lazy Loading of Action Forms

Previously the campaign form would preload the state of all the entry methods when starting a campaign, which could cause delays of up to 20 seconds on slower connections.

We've reduced this delay to less than 3 seconds by lazy loading the entry methods to happen after the campaign has been started.

6 March 2020

Campaign Autosave

Campaign Autosave

Campaign autosave is now available for Competitions & Rewards campaigns. All your form progress will be saved so you don't have to worry about losing your campaign again.

You can retrieve campaign drafts from the Competitions or Rewards list page:

Campaign drafts are accessible from the Gleam dashboard

13 February 2020

Locations Reporting

We've rolled out a new Locations reporting tab which allows you to see which countries users are entering your campaigns from.

New feature: Location reporting for Gleam campaigns

4 February 2020

Contestant Recovery

Contestant Recovery

We've released a new option to allow contestants to reset their accounts via email recovery. Users can select the email option when logging in to receive a verification code.

Recover your Gleam contestant code with a verification code

This is useful in cases where they've previously connected social accounts that are inaccessible or if they've removed permissions before unlinking any social accounts within Gleam.

7 January 2020

Twitter Replies Import Action

You can now import text replies to your Tweets into your campaigns using the Twitter Replies Import Action.

This action allows you to easily run Twitter reply contests without requiring users to navigate away from Twitter.

New Feature: Import Twitter replies to Gleam as contest entries

Twitter Replies Imports are available on the Business plan and above

6 January 2020

Improved Gallery + Media Exports

You can now export your collected UGC from the Gallery or from campaigns by using the Media Export button next to Export on the Actions tab in Competitions or Rewards or in the Approved/Rejected/Pending tabs within Gallery.

Update: Improved Export feature for your Gleam Gallery items

Large exports will turn into a background task and email you when completed.