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3rd January, 2018

2 New Apps + Feature Rollout: Get Early Access

Today we're excited to release Early Access for Capture and our completely reworked Gallery app to existing customers 🕺

For the next 6 weeks, you can take advantage of a limited time special offer to get Early Access to our New Features + more at a hugely discounted rate.

What this gives you access to:

  • Competitions
  • Rewards
  • Gallery (New)
  • Capture (New)
  • Team Management
  • Access to any new apps we release + ongoing feature improvements
  • And heaps more!

Upcoming Pricing Changes

On February 12th 2018 we're releasing a new version of our Gallery app and also releasing Capture to the public. In order to do this we've had to make some changes to how our plans and pricing are structured.

  • Pricing and features for existing Competitions subscribers will remain the same (Pro will be increasing by $10/month for new users)
  • Rewards will no longer be part of the Competitions plan
  • Captures is coming out of BETA and will require a paid plan to use
  • We're launching a new paid version of our Gallery app (some existing Gallery features such as imports will now require an upgrade)
  • We're trialing a new Hobby plan (from $10/month)
  • In order to balance the new Plans, some features will be removed from the Free plan (for new signups after February 12th)
  • We're offering discounted access to all the new features for existing customers
  • Beyond February 12th new and existing customers will be able to buy a full package which provides access to all our apps or just choose to subscribe separately based on what you need
  • If you choose to remain on a legacy Competitions plan your features will remain frozen as they are today (for as long as you remain on that plan), you will need to switch across to the New Plans to access new feature releases

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