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24th April, 2018

How Gleam is Handling GDPR

As you're no doubt aware as a marketer that the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is due to roll out on the 25th May 2018. This replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC which Gleam is currently compliant for.

We've always valued privacy at our core here at Gleam and have built the platform always in alignment with the Australian Privacy Act (which shares many common requirements with GDPR) to:

  • Implement a privacy by design approach to compliance
  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with privacy principles and obligations
  • Adopt transparent information handling practices

Gleam by nature is a consent based platform, users specifically give consent to enter campaigns and the data they provide is only ever shared with the owner of the campaign. So Gleam acts as a Data Processor on behalf of the customer (Data Controller).

For example, when a user enters a campaign that validates an entry via an API, this data is often only used at the point of validation and never stored on Gleam or shared with Customers.

We understand that as a popular platform in the space we must always maintain a high level of privacy and trust across both customers and their users.

So, as a global business it's important that we align ourselves with GDPR and also assist our customers to ensure that they are compliant with GDPR when running campaigns.

Upcoming changes that we will be rolling out:

  • We've appointed a Data Protection Officer
  • You can now contact us directly via to discuss any specific concerns
  • New Privacy Policy: We'll be rolling out a new GDPR compliant privacy policy (that's written in a way that's easy to understand)
  • New Data Processing Agreement: Since we store data in the USA (in an EU Privacy Shield-Compliant facility) we will be updating our agreement with EU customers detailing how we process their data
  • Right to be forgotten: We have always honored this since our inception, we allow anyone to request for their account or data to be deleted. For campaign owners, you already have the power to delete contestants if they exercise this request to you directly
  • Contintent targeting for all campaign types to include or exclude EU (other other continents from campaigns)
  • Improving the ability to obtain additional consent on Subscribe actions
  • Improving the ability to obtain additional consent via checkboxes in Capture
  • EU users will no longer be able to have Custom Fields checkboxes auto select
  • Rolling out new Guides to help customers understand how to ensure their campaigns are GDPR compliant
  • Helping customers understand which users have or have not given prior consent in previous campaigns
  • Helping customers understand the 3rd parties that we have data processing agreements with (i.e. Mailchimp)

You can expect these changes to roll out before 25th May 2018, we're looking forward to continuing providing a platform that lets you run campaigns in a way that helps you achieve business outcomes whilst protecting the privacy of users.

19th April, 2018

Instagram In-App Login Issues

Instagram has introduced a bug in their app that is preventing OAuth based services from properly letting users log-in when inside the Instagram App.

This means that clicking bio links, then logging in with Instagram will return the error Failed to Load.

We recommend allowing other login types via the User Details tab until this issue is rectified.

17th April, 2018

New Capture A/B Testing Framework, Archiving, Improvements + Bug Fixes

We've just rolled out a new update to Capture that adds improvements and streamlines A/B testing of campaigns.

You can now:

  • Setup A/B Testing with ease (instead of configuring via Rules)
  • Assign the % of Traffic to each variation
  • See the confidence that a specific variation will win the test
  • View consolidated reporting for your A/B Test
  • Promote your winning variation to the Main Capture

We also rolled out a few overall improvements for Captures:

  • You can now Archive Captures that aren't being used
  • We've made improvements to dragging and changing the priority of Captures

  • Headings and descriptions not allow for specific font sizes

16th April, 2018

Custom Field Sync Now Supports Viral Share URL's

You can now sync individual user's shortened Viral Share URL's from a campaign to any email provider that supports Custom Field Sync.

Please note these URL's are usually very specific to each campaign so should generally not be treated as a Global field.

Support For GetResponse Custom Fields

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports GetResponse

28th March, 2018

Support For ExactTarget, Sailthru, Unbounce, Vero & Zoho Custom Fields.

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports ExactTarget, Sailthru, Unbounce, Vero & Zoho.

25th March, 2018

Custom Values For Custom Field Sync

We've rolled out a new option for our Custom Field Sync feature which allows you to send hidden Custom Values for a given field.

This could be useful for sending across the name of the Campaign, Source or even that the leads are coming from Gleam.

19th March, 2018

Daily Option Removed From Tweet Actions

Twitter has recently announced changes to their policies around automation and the use of multiple accounts to post similar or duplicate Tweets on the platform.

As a large commerical user of the Twitter API it's important that we react and make changes to keep campaigns in line with their policies and Terms of Service.

Effective immediately we will no longer be allowing existing (or new) campaigns to let users Tweet the same Tweet more than once inside a campaign by removing the Daily option from the Tweet and #hashtag Actions.

1st March, 2018

Import Actions Launched

For some time now we've allowed you to import #hashtags via the Select actions for Facebook/Twitter & Instagram. We've long felt like this was an awkward way to do things and have longed to improve this for quite some time.

Well, that time has come!

Import sources are designed to allow you to bring data into your campaign from external sources, we all know how difficult it can be to manage a campaign when you're collecting data or asking users to do something that doesn't involve the Gleam widget directly.

Today, we're super excited to launch Import Actions as a completely new and separate Action type which you'll see when setting up a Competition.

Here's what's new + what's changed:

  • Select Actions are no longer used to setup Imports (yay!)
  • Imports currently only support Images or Videos
  • You can now import from Facebook Comments, Facebook Posts to Page, Instagram #hashtags, Instagram Locations, Tumblr #hashtags, Twitter #hashtags & YouTube #hashtags
  • A number of the sources allow you to filter imports that only contain certain #hashtags
  • Facebook Import Sources now require authenication (due to API changes), if you were using this previously you'll need to setup this action again
  • Business plans will pull up to 500 historical imports then up to 250 per hour
  • Premium plans will pull up to 1000 historical imports then up to 250 per hour
  • Imports will respect the Start + End dates of your campaign
  • You can setup a campaign to only import from an Import source (without the need to use the widget at all)
  • Higher level plans can connect multiple campaigns to a Gallery
  • We've got more import sources in the works 👋

22nd February, 2018

Instagram Select + Carousel Posts

Instagram Select actions now support carousel posts.

Gallery V2 Updates + Bugfixes

We've pushed a few new features and bugfixes for the new Gallery:

  • Premium plan users now have granular control over the columns across every viewport size

  • New Floating option so the Gallery frame can follow your scrolling when editing
  • See how the Gallery looks on different device widths

  • You can now force the Vertical layout for the modal

  • You can now enable Sharing in two places
  • Improved calculation for Highlighting


  • Fixed loader in Firefox
  • Improved live prefiew text rendering speed when editing
  • Various speed and CPU usage improvements
  • Improved resizing

21st February, 2018

Support For Drip, Emma, MailerLite, Ontraport, SendGrid & SendinBlue Custom Fields.

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports Drip, Emma, MailerLite, Ontraport, SendGrid & SendinBlue.

19th February, 2018

Updated Default Hosted Page Background

We've updated the default background colour for all campaigns to match our new branding.

Set Default Page Background + Email Header Colour Separately

Customers with paid accounts will be able to now set their default Hosted Page Background colour and Email Header colours separately in your Site Settings tab.

Background Colours and Background Images set inside individual campaigns will still always override any defaults.

12th February, 2018

New Frontend Launched

We're happy to release something we've been working on for a while - a rebrand of the main Gleam website (including proper Mobile/Tablet support). We're super happy with it and we hope it helps you better understand how to use Gleam for your business.

New Plans Live

Our new Plans structure is now live for the majority of customers, this also includes a few additional benefits for Legacy Users:

  • Yearly plans now offer up to 25% discount
  • New Plans offer double limits on all Yearly commitments
  • New Yearly Hobby plan added for Competitions
  • Our Teams feature is now live for all customers (including Legacy Business users)
  • You can now pay for Sites on separate Credit Cards
  • We've reworked our Shopify billing to make it work more like our traditional billing (which means Invoices in Gleam now)
  • Rewards users have 3 months on a Trial plan to use up any remaining credits before they need to signup to a Rewards plan
  • Capture users have been allocated their earned BETA credits and must subscribe to a Captures plan once they run out
  • We've launched new Packages which allow you to subscribe to all the apps at once at a huge discount

If you're experiencing any issues please submit a Support Ticket so we can investigate, this is a major change to our Plans infrastructre so we're expecting some residual bugs that we haven't caught.

26th January, 2018

File Upload Action Now Supports Captions

The File Upload action has been improved to behave more like the Submit Media action and also now supports Captions.

22nd January, 2018

Support For Benchmark Email, Bronto, Infusionsoft, Marketo + Mad Mimi Custom Fields.

Our new Custom Field Sync feature now supports Benchmark Email, Bronto, Infusionsoft, Marketo and Mad Mimi.

3rd January, 2018

2 New Apps + Feature Rollout: Get Early Access

Today we're excited to release Early Access for Capture and our completely reworked Gallery app to existing customers 🕺

For the next 6 weeks, you can take advantage of a limited time special offer to get Early Access to our New Features + more at a hugely discounted rate.

What this gives you access to:

  • Competitions
  • Rewards
  • Gallery (New)
  • Capture (New)
  • Team Management
  • Access to any new apps we release + ongoing feature improvements
  • And heaps more!

Upcoming Pricing Changes

On February 12th 2018 we're releasing a new version of our Gallery app and also releasing Capture to the public. In order to do this we've had to make some changes to how our plans and pricing are structured.

  • Pricing and features for existing Competitions subscribers will remain the same (Pro will be increasing by $10/month for new users)
  • Rewards will no longer be part of the Competitions plan
  • Captures is coming out of BETA and will require a paid plan to use
  • We're launching a new paid version of our Gallery app (some existing Gallery features such as imports will now require an upgrade)
  • We're trialing a new Hobby plan (from $10/month)
  • In order to balance the new Plans, some features will be removed from the Free plan (for new signups after February 12th)
  • We're offering discounted access to all the new features for existing customers
  • Beyond February 12th new and existing customers will be able to buy a full package which provides access to all our apps or just choose to subscribe separately based on what you need
  • If you choose to remain on a legacy Competitions plan your features will remain frozen as they are today (for as long as you remain on that plan), you will need to switch across to the New Plans to access new feature releases

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