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How to use Gleam to grow your Email List and your Business.

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Run A Contest

What does your typical email signup for or survey convert at? Usually anywhere between 0.5 👉 5% is a good benchmark. What if I told you that with the right incentive you could increase this to 30% or higher with contests?

Contests give you more power over a typical signup form and allow you to incentivise various actions that are important to your Business. Why just get an email address when you could get feedback from the customer, or get them to watch a YouTube video of your latest product release?

With Gleam you can use our Subscribe action to automatically send users to over 30+ email providers in an instant, all whilst engaging your users and growing your email list.

Try it out below, this contest entry will automatically Sync to our mail provider of choice (in this case we use Sendy).

Email Subscribe Example

Build Your List Virally

Competitions also open up the ability to ask users to refer their friends, classmates or workmates to enter too. This extra incentive can create a viral loop for your email signup action, getting you more qualified signups from similar audiences (after all friends are most likely to invite other friends who they think will show interest).

Try out this improved contest below, after a user joins the Newsletter they will then be prompted to refer friends (for extra entries).

Viral Loop Example

Incentivize Your Email List

One of the fundamental principles of growing an email list is to actually make it available for people to signup. This is especially true if you run an E-commerce store or a any other type of site that generates leads.

Quite often the signup is buried or hard to even notice (like the example above), something like this is likely to see sub 1% conversion rates.

Gleam Capture gives you the flexibility to show your opt-in forms based on user behaviour, so instead of users finding your opt-in form buried on the site somewhere - our opt-in form finds them.

What's more you can easily encourage your users to signup by offering them a discount or a coupon code that can be used instantly. These types of opt-in forms can convert at anywhere up to 20%. A huge increase on traditional methods.

Create A First Time Visit Popup

Following on from the previous example you can choose when you want to show your opt-in form to users. Quite often you'll notice that retailers love to show you it as soon as you enter the site.

Our behavioural rules make it easy for you to setup when you want to show your opt-in form to users, you can delay it, wait until the user has showed a certain level of engagement or even show specific opt-ins depending on where the user is navigating on your site.

Doing this allows you to be much more targeted with your message, helps you improve conversion rates and overall makes your message more relevant for the user which = more sales!

Show An Offer On Exit

The alternative to showing offers to users when they first hit your site is to do the complete opposite - show them as the user is about to leave. The psychology behind both of these techniques is subtly different, but at the same time very powerful.

A user leaving your site is signalling that there's something that has prevented them from making a purchase. Using an exit offer is your second chance to change the users mind and convince them to purchase.

Personalise Based On Referrers

If you advertise on Facebook, or run promotions with partners there's nothing better than providing a personalised message when visitors come to your site.

Gleam gives you the ability to trigger opt-ins when users come from a partners, have specific ?source tracking code in the URL or even if they come from a specific ad campaign (Adwords / Facebook etc). This gives you huge control to tweak your copy and also increase the potential ROI of your campaigns by capturing more leads.

Gate Your Best Content

If you have educational content or resources like videos, ebooks, downloads or pdfs then it usually doesn't make sense to give them away for free.

Using Gleam you can create content gates that require users to provide their email address before being able to access the additional content, then you can simply redirect the user on completion.

Run A Capture Bar Across Your Site

Our Capture bar allows you to have a message pinned to the top of any page on your site. You can use it to drive general mailing list signups or even use it to build announcements.

We use this option extensively to announce new feature to our customers in the Gleam backend, it's an incredibly powerful and flexible way to draw attention to a call to action. Plus it looks great once you tweak the color scheme to fit your site.

Giveaway Free Samples

One of the fundamental principles of growing an email list is to actually make it available for people to signup. This is especially true if you run an Ecommerce store or a informational website.

Increase Your Blog Opt-ins By 1000%

Everyone loves free stuff, especially your customers. If you giveaway regular free samples then Gleam makes it easy to manage this process.

Plus we connect to over 30+ email providers so you can ensure your customer gets send to whatever opt-in list you desire, this means you can instantly send a follow-up email or send the free gift via email.

Build Your Pre-launch List

There's no point launching a product or service to crickets. Many startups and businesses are now turning to Gleam to build a loyal following before the big launch day.

Gleam is designed to fit perfectly into any pre-launch strategy and help you achieve your goals - whether it's building an engaged opt-in list or driving more awareness for you Kickstarter campaign.

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